Mountain Creations provides you with New and Innovative Garden Concepts for the New Age of Drought Tolerant-Stylish Gardens of Today!

    With every Design you are issued your Own Private Garden Coach to Help you to Successfully achieve your Garden Dreams...time to Rethink your Grass? Our Outdoor Living Space is a place to make a statement with the right Plant Placement and Exterior Design. Yard Maintenance is an important process to the Health of the Garden. A regimen of Trim, Amend Soil, Feed, and Water will give you a Healthy Garden and an Asset to your home. Yard Art is an important statement in Gardens today, it gives it more personality. Stepping Stones, A Mirror, a Bird Bath, Chimes, A Water Feature, Pots, all personalizes the Garden Space. 

    Mountain Creations cares about the Health and Welfare of Your Garden!  Call today to get Started on a Healthy, Successful Outdoor Living Space.


Fairy Garden

Understanding your garden

    To really understand what your Garden is saying to you, you Must go out and Listen to It  often. Walk your Garden at least Once a Week to see what Changes are taking place. Beat the Bugs to the Punch, and Remember, there are Good Bugs too.  Encourage a Healthy Environment in your Garden by Feeding it a Minimum of Three Times a Year during the growing season, to assure proper health to get it through the tough times. 

The Right Pots in the Right Spot

Creating your own Unique Style inside and out of the Home is Important. Using every inch of our land to create Focal Points, Sitting Areas, Water Features,  Yard Art and always keeping in mind... Color and Functionality

When Selling the Home, you need to Plan Ahead. Always consider the plants you choose for the garden as Low to No Fuss Plants, with Year Round Color and Drought Tolerant.   Feeding the Garden every 2.5 months during the growing season will help maintain Color and Health.

Drought Tolerant Plants
Private Shade Garden

Drought Tolerant Low to No Fuss Plants. Some of this Year's Favorites. Purple Hopseed, Canna, Salvia,Spirea,Coprosma,Smoke Tree,Cordyline,Nandina,Box Wood, Dusty Miller, Artichoke,Loropetalum,Leucadendron,Verbena and More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Today's gardens can be challenging with the new water restrictions, by simply changing your garden design, removing the grass and old plants, adding with new soil,  properirrigation, drought tolerant plants, and a few curb appeal techniques, you can have a garden that will provide a pleasing look for today and many years to come.